Three points to work for Sankirize

  • Many transactions with foreign companies!

    We deal with domestic as well as overseas customers. It is perfect for those who want to work from a global perspective.
  • There is a chance to get results with high-value deals!

    Our company is mainly handling expensive crane cars of 10 to 200 million yen. The achievement of "selling expensive items" is an encouraging career.
  • Learn more upscale skills in growth companies!

    Our company is a company that continues to grow with a minority but steadily rising. We are doing a lot of transactions and can work with top class buddies.

Introduction of employees

Application Requirements

Wanted jobs

Serviceman (mechanic) ※Age nothing

Employment form, employment form, employment period

Regular employee ※ trial period: 3 months (same wage), full time, no fixed period of employment

Contents of work

Maintenance and inspection of crane cars, car delivery preparation, inventory management of vehicles, loading and unloading of rental machines

Work area

Basically it will work at the head office factory
※ We may ask you to make a business trip repair to the site. ※ There are business trips and overseas business trips.


Monthly salary
a) Basic salary:200,000yen ~ 250,000yen、b) Allowance to be paid regularly
a + b) 200,000yen ~ 250,000yen

Required license, qualification, experience

■High school degree and above
■Over 1 year of maintenance work on automobiles and construction machinery
■Regular car license (AT not limited)
■Automobile mechanic license (preferential treatment)
■ Large-size car license (preferential treatment)
■ Large special license (preferential treatment)
■ Mobile crane license (preferential treatment)

Welfare welfare ・ treatment etc.


  • ■ Social insurance system available: employment insurance, workers' accident insurance, health insurance, welfare pension
  • ■ Company car lending available (including gasoline fee, commuting permitted)
  • ■ Transportation expenses
  • ■ Benefits welfare facility use system
  • ■ With training
  • ■ Company trip
  • ■ Salary revised once a year
  • ■ Job allowance
  • ■ Internal events (golf, camping, jet skiing, cruising, etc.)


A vacation
■ New Year holiday
■ GW Vacation
■ Special holiday
■ Congratulations on vacation
■ Paid holidays
■ Summer vacation
■ Obon vacation

Application method

  • 1


    First of all, please apply from the application form below.
  • 2

    Primary examination

    We will contact you by email from recruiter at a later date.
    The interview will be held at the head office.
  • 3

    Hiring decision

  • ◆ We will select person-oriented selection. I am looking for someone who has a willingness to work in the company rather than experience / skill. If you are interested in anything, please apply!
  • ◆ Night · Saturday interview is also possible. Please feel free to contact us even if you are in office.
  • ※ We will respond to consultation about the time of joining the company

Application form

To apply for entry, please input the following items and click "Confirm input contents" button.

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  3. 3.Send content


Example)Taro Sanki


Example)Taro Sanki




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