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This website referred to as "our website") is operated by Sankirize Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "our company").

Before using, please read the following notes etc. and use it after consent.
Please be aware that we may change the terms of use of this website without prior notice so please check the latest terms and conditions.

About copyright

The copyright and other intellectual property rights of all contents (information, trademark, design etc.) posted on this website belong to us or an authorized third party. Therefore, it is prohibited to use, duplicate and modify them without permission.

About the links

From this website, you may be able to move to other websites by link or banner. The website to which we moved is not managed by our company. Therefore, we are not responsible for the content etc. Please note.


We are not responsible for any information posted on this website or for any troubles, losses or damages caused by using this website.
This website may suspend operation or change the contents without prior notice. We are not responsible for any troubles, losses, damages caused by this.

About security

In the Web page where registration of personal information occurs SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology is used for data transmission.
This website continuously carries out measures to heighten security in order to prevent troubles such as unauthorized access, loss, destruction, tampering, leakage, etc. but ensures that no such accident occurs It is not something.
Please take precautions against computer viruses etc. that may be included in the information downloaded from this website at your own risk.

About cookie

Cookies may be used on this website for the purpose of providing appropriate information to customers and securing security.

Cookie means that when you visit the website, you store certain text files (information) on your terminal through the website, so that you can identify you the next time you visit the same website It is about technology to do.
You can stop accepting cookies according to browser settings. (Cookie) may be used.

About usage environment

This site is recommended to use Internet Explorer 11.0 or higher and the latest Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge.
This site uses JavaScript. If JavaScript is set to OFF in the browser setting, please set it to ON before using it.

About usage environment

In using this website, the following actions can not be done.

  1. Use or reproduce the information on this website or this website for the purpose of profit (except for transaction with us)
  2. Make some modifications to the information on this website
  3. Link to this website without obtaining prior agreement of our company
  4. Accessing parts of this website that are not intended to be accessed from the public
  5. Copying the code of this website
  6. Trying out system vulnerabilities or breaking security or authentication system
  7. Sending or writing harmful computer programs etc
  8. Slander or slander our company or a third party, or harm its honor and trust
  9. Do acts in violation of laws and regulations
  10. Any other actions that we deem inappropriate